Awkward, but friendly!

Even if it's not always good to be me, it's better than being them.

I created this journal to try to be more sociable, but I've learned that my awkwardness doesn't go away just because I'm hiding behind my computer screen. Bummer! However, despite said awkwardness, I'm not opposed to meeting/talking to new people, so any messages/comments/friends will be welcome. :)

In my journal, posts about personal stuff are friends-only. Icon posts are public and everyone is welcome to take any icons they want, unless otherwise specified in the actual post. If you like my icons, know that I'm open to personal requests. School tends to keep me pretty busy, but I'll do my best to meet any requests a.s.a.p.!

EDIT: The journal subtitle was something said by nonsecateur in a post on socialanxiety. I found it inspiring, so I asked for her permission to use it here and she was kind enough to grant it. :)

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