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I hope justice is served!

Is anyone out there following Renato Seabra's trial? He's the Portuguese dude who murdered a man (also Portuguese) in a hotel in New York City in January 2011.

If you're not aware of the case, here's an article I just found talking about it. Be advised that it has a really sickening description of the crime scene and what this guy did to the victim. The pictures may not help either:

I just need to get some things off my chest about this case.

1) I'm not buying this guy's supposed psychiatric condition at all. My mother believes that his behaviour at the crime scene and the violence that he inflicted on the victim are proof that he wasn't well (mentally), but I'm not convinced. I can't even pretend to know WTF was going through his head when he did all that, but I'm more inclined to believe the prosecution when they say he realized his free ride was over and got angry, than the defence's claim that he had some kind of psychotic fit. I find the ER doctor's claim that he is bipolar (they mentioned that in the news over here) even more ridiculous! I've seen bipolar patients and the security footage we've been shown does not suggest AT ALL that he was having some kind of manic episode. If it did in the ER, he was probably faking it! Especially because all that "touching" he was apparently doing to "cure people" only happened off-screen; he did not try to touch a single person while at the hotel, as the cameras show. The cab driver didn't see anything wrong with him on the ride over, either.

2) It takes a special kind of douchebag to get involved with someone just to further his career. It takes an EPIC amount of "special" for a STRAIGHT douchebag to PRETEND TO BE GAY and get involved with someone who is old enough to be his father (or maybe even grandfather) just to further his career. That he is willing to say it out loud for everyone to know is just the cherry on top of the cake! Also, to the people who say that the victim was also at fault because a 65-year old man should not get involved with a 20-year old "boy": Fuck you! Falling in love with someone who is not worth the air he breathes is NOT the victim's fault!

3) The amount of violence in this crime is unspeakable. Strangled, bludgeoned, stabbed repeatedly with a corkscrew, mutilated... And he was STILL ALIVE when he was mutilated! There are no words! This guy needs to pay for what he's done, and that's not going to happen by sending him back to Portugal and having him go to some Psych consults. Because let's face it, if he's found not guilty by reason of insanity, are the US really going to keep him there to ensure he gets treatment? Or are they going to allow him to come home to "get treated" here? Although I have to say, I bet if he were allowed to come home, he would be get "cured" of his "psychiatric condition" in no time! (Know what I mean?)
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