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Icon-making resources post

I've been working on an icon post or two over the last few days, but I still don't trust LJ enough to try to post them. The last four times I've tried I ended up uploading 45 icons by hand (i.e. writing down all the html codes one by one to add each picture), only to have it freeze and crash just when I was done. All four times...

So instead I decided to get something else done. I've found a few websites with cool screencaps and I've been using them to make some of the new icons. I figure before I forget where I got them, I should make a sort of "Resources post", so everyone can know where I got the pics.

From now on, every time I get pictures from specific websites (rather than just random websites from Google images) I'll write them down here. For organization purposes, TV shows/movies will be listed alphabetically, as will individual websites within each category.

Body of Proof:

Doctor Who:


The Vampire Diaries
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